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Hi everyone!
I wanna let you know that I've created a page on FACEBOOK where I'll collect all of my cosplay works. Stay tuned for news, events, photos and so on, guys! :3

Here's the link! Hope to cya there. :heart:

Hi guys! :heart:
I ask you to help me.. I want to win a special contest with my Boa Hancock cosplay, so click "like" or "Google +1" here (, pleaaaase! :3

Thank you.. again!
That's.. simply I N C R E D I B L E!
Do you remember the contest "Cosplay Idol"? So, my Boa Hancock cosplay is now in the TOP 20 ONE PIECE COSPLAY! *___*…
I'm so.. glad and happy to see my photo there! Thank you for all the support, guys! :heart:
Hi guys! :3
My Boa Hancock Photo (She's the Empress) is in a very important contest.. so I ask you to vote for me! You have to click "Like" on this page!…

Thank youuuu~! I'm waiting for your votes! ♥